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ank analytics

Analytics Consulting

Solving business problem using data and appropriate techniques to enable better decision making
ank analytics

Analytics Partner

Professionals, experienced with various fortune 500 companies for setting up and managing long term analytics capabilities
ank analytics

Analytics Maturity Assessment

Assess organizational readiness and maturity for becoming a data driven organization. Identify gaps and define road map for data and analytics maturity and making analytics consumable
ank analytics

Augmenting Skills

Your Analytics team with appropriate skills for short & long term
ank analytics

Incubating Analytics Center

Incubating (Build & Operate) team to allow our clients to tap in to local analytics resource base, leverage cross industry expertise, take advantage of time difference and Cost arbitrage. Allows to establish a hybrid team with an option of transfer after a certain period

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The word "ANK" means number in Sanskrit. We at "ANK ANALYTICS" apply the art (a blend of statistics, Mathematics, Machine Learning and domain knowledge) of unearthing the actionable insights from numbers/data to enable business to take right decision.

ANK’s Consultants bring in decades of experience working (directly and indirectly) with some of the globally established & analytically advanced organization across multiple domains….

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