Merchandising Analytics

…Our customer centric merchandising analytics solutions enable business to define customized assortment and promotions based on customer need and preference…..  

  • Aligning Marketing & Merchandising through Analytics is key to the success of Omnichannel strategy
  • Effective promotion and assortment planning across channels leads to increased footfalls and purchase

Assortment Optimization

ANK’s Assortment planning solution enables retailers (buyers / Category managers) to achieve revenue growth by maintaining a customer centric assortment in the stores

This solution provide the following insights

  • Assortment Intelligence Analysis to provide category insights, product classification based on revenue and margins to identify growth opportunities
  • Understand revenue contribution of each product by using Pareto Analysis framework
  • Affinity analysis to identify products associated with high value customers
  • Demand transferability / Product substitutability analysis to minimize revenue loss due to removal of any product from existing assortment
  • Optimized ranking of products based on Regret score (Lost Sales)
  • Simulation / What-if analysis to estimate impact of change in assortment

Promotion Effectiveness

Promotion Effectiveness solution provides a structured and scalable analytics framework to measure promotion effectiveness and enables business users to optimally plan promotional spend allocation to drive incremental sales growth and maximizing revenues.

It uses explanatory and predictive methodologies to

  • Decompose sales in to baseline and incremental (promotion driven) sales
  • Determine depth vs. breadth of promotional discount
  • Understanding of sales drivers and drivers of growth over time
  • Estimate efficiencies of promotion tactics (Features/circulars, Display, Coupons, BOGO vs. 50% off, In season vs. out of season etc)
  • Simulate / what-if-analysis to predict impact of promotional plan

Assortment Gap Analysis

  • Our Assortment Gap Analysis framework for e-commerce analyzes the website categories and identifies gaps across price points, brands, features, and listings & Sales.
  • It also analyze the competitor sites for potential listing gap and price points gaps
  • Analyses consumer demand signals and provide recommendations for optimizing assortment