Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics is the practice of measuring, managing and analyzing marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI)….…..We synthesize all marketing related information to provide actionable insights and recommendations to enable business users making right decision to achieve desired results…..….Our approach is a combination of art and science which makes the insights more meaningful and can be implemented at ease….. …..  

Marketing Analytics Framework

A closed loop analysis framework to incorporate learnings of past and applying appropriate techniques for delivering actionable insights to enhance overall marketing effectiveness

Reporting & Analysis

  • Develop & automate marketing reports/dashboards to track marketing matrices over time. We also provide insights and summarized findings to alert the business team.

  • Answering the “W” questions by analyzing appropriate data for business to take appropriate action

  • Ongoing monitoring of Campaign effectiveness through Marketing effectiveness dashboard

Marketing & Media Mix Analysis

Our Mix solution uses suitable statistical regression techniques to establish relation between sales, marketing activities and other external factors impacting sales performance. The output and insights generated from this enables business to optimally allocate marketing spend ampaign Management, isn't just about managing campaigns anymore. It is being able to manage offers across channels optimally in real-time. Integrative mix of advanced analytics and continuous feedback mechanisms built into the solution ensures an increasing probability that the consumer is being made the most relevant and timely offer

With the proliferation of new media and marketing channels in the recent times, it is imperative for the marketing department to establish a rigor of using the available marketing budget smartly. Marketing and Media mix analysis measures the effectiveness of marketing activities and empowers business to generate maximum return on marketing investment

The output of this analysis framework provides

  • Insights on performance of past campaigns
  • Understanding of sales drivers and drivers of growth over time
  • Measure of marketing effectiveness and ROI
  • Identify under spent & over spent marketing channels
  • What-if simulation out put
  • Optimized spend allocation to achieve better ROI

Test & Control Analysis

With the continuous changes in business and economic environment, it is important for marketer to constantly strive to test new initiatives to understand whether an idea will provide incremental sales and/or margin. Test & Control Analysis provides an experimental methods for testing ideas & initiatives for sales growth and enables business to take decision before implementation

We use statistical matching algorithm to determine test & control groups, Analysis of covariance model to control for other factors and estimate impact of the marketing initiatives. Finally measure comparative impact on test & control group and provide insights for decision making

Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is essential and integral to any business. Complexity of forecasting varies from business to business due to the granularity of forecasting need and nature of business…..absence of a robust forecasting system in place might lead to loss of revenue and inaccuracy in the overall planning process

ANK’s automated forecasting solution allows business to generate bulk forecasting at most granular level and aggregate at the required level for management review Our solution uses best in class forecasting methodologies (including Unobserved Component Models, Time series, & regression based Causal forecasting) to achieve maximum accuracy delivered in near real time

We can enhance the overall forecasting process by

  • Developing and automating customized forecasting approach for accurate sale forecasting
  • Enhancing forecasting accuracy by identifying the reasons for inaccuracy and deploying appropriate approach