Demand Planning Analytics

…demand planning is not only about developing reliable forecasts. ANK’s demand planning analytics solutions can enable business users to make an effective plan by generating accurate forecasts, improved inventory turn by optimizing the inventory level with peaks and troughs in demand and also making sure there is no revenue leakage due to unavailability of the product in the shelf...  

Demand Forecasting

We provide a structured and scalable analytics solution to decompose sales into Baseline and Incremental (Promotion driven) sales and then use appropriate statistical techniques to forecast baseline and incremental demand. This solution enables business to make right decision in terms of inventory planning and reducing potential revenue loss

  • Time Series or other appropriate forecasting techniques to forecast baseline
  • demand Causal Models to estimate impact of promotions and incorporate promotional driven demand forecast to overall forecast based on promotion plan

Inventory Optimization

Ank Inventory Optimization Solutions enables business to arrive at desired in-stock levels and inventory turns in the most profitable way. This is achieved by maintaining the right balance between reduced inventory cost and improving service level.

  • Demand Forecasting to predict future market need across products and regions
  • Optimize Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) to minimizes total inventory holding costs and ordering costs
  • Determine Safety Stock requirement for a company in excess of its requirement for the lead time to safe guard against stock-out and lost sales

Out of Stock Analysis

Our Out of Stock analysis framework provides a structured and scalable approach to understand Out of Stock scenarios and the reasons for the same. This enables business to take proactive measures to reduce out of stock scenarios and hence reduce revenue leakages.

  • Diagnosis of the OSA in the past (loss tree) – identifies the reasons for Out of stock
  • Algorithm to predict OSA loss and suggest appropriate actions needed to avoid the same
  • User friendly dashboard to provide insights and recommendation