Consumer Credit Risk Analytics

…Consumer Credit risk management is a practice of mitigating credit losses by understanding the repayment capabilities of the credit seeking customers and managing the capital exposure at risk. Along with loss mitigation, credit risk management also plays a significant role in driving business growth by using optimized credit approval policies…..  

…At ANK we focus on helping our customers, in the business of secured or unsecured lending, for better credit risk management by applying appropriate analytics best practices. We also bring in productivity and process enhancements through automated reports and dashboards to monitor risk metrices …..  

Solution Summary

  • Develop and maintain risk reports delivered through automated dashboards
  • Portfolio Risk Analysis
    • Continuously monitor portfolio risk, deep dive analysis to generate actionable insights, Develop and monitor risk strategies
    • Acquisition/ Origination Analytics: Origination strategy to maximize approval rate and minimize risk exposure.
    • Credit Line Management Analytics – defining appropriate line management strategies to minimize exposure
    • Collection Analytics: Loss Forecasting, Delinquency roll rate prediction, Collection Strategy Development, Collection score development and monitoring, Self Cure prediction, Willingness to pay Prediction

Automated Model Validation Framework

  • Risk Modeling
    • Risk models (Acquisition, Behavior & Collection) to predict future default
  • Risk Based Pricing
    • Risk based pricing framework to reduce adverse selection leading to minimized risk exposure and improved approval rate
  • Model Maintenance/Validation
    • Model validation dashboards to periodically track performance on various qualitative & quantitative parameters with appropriate visualization