Customer Value Management

…..At ANK, customer analytics process starts with a 360 degree view of customers through out customer life cycle, defining appropriate matrices for measuring customer engagement and accordingly apply relevant analytics/data science approach to identify opportunities for maximizing values…..  

Five fundamental matrix to drive engagement and value creation

Increase In


Increase in

Redemption Rate

Compaigns Result

in Conversion





Customer Loyalty Analytics

Acquire - Engage - Grow - Retain


Channel Effectiveness

Cross sell & up Sell

Customer Life Time Value

Redemption Analysis

Customer Segmentation

Segment Migration

Churn Prediction

Our customer Loyalty analytics framework enables business to take appropriate decisions across all stages of customer lifecycle to maximize share of wallet of each customer.

Automated Customer Management Framework

Automated customer engagement is required to provide relevant content at the right time, occasion and location through the relevant channel

ANK’s automated customer engagement framework applies appropriate data and decision science approaches with a high focus to

  • increase in customer participation (e.g. visits)
  • Increase in redemption rate
  • Maximize conversion from Campaigns
  • Increase in average transaction size leading to high revenue per customer
  • Growth in customer database

Key features of the framework includes

  • Omni channel customer engagement
  • Relevant and personalized targeting
  • Actionable customer segments and persona marketing
  • Right place & right time
  • Campaign response rate

Need for Automated customer engagement

Increasing channels

Channels are increasing for customer engagement

  • SMS, Email, Social media, TV etc.

Reducing attention span

People attention span in reduced a lot, so being “relevant” and “personalized” matters a lot and in right time, occasion and location

Shortage of time

Time to manage each channel by business is reduced a lot, so automation became a need of the day

Share of wallet impact

If you wont on time, and relevant matter some one else will (share of wallet)

Customer Marketing & Campaign Effectiveness

Campaign Management, isn't just about managing campaigns anymore. It is being able to manage offers across channels optimally in real-time. Integrative mix of advanced analytics and continuous feedback mechanisms built into the solution ensures an increasing probability that the consumer is being made the most relevant and timely offer

Analytics Tools

  • A/B Testing
  • Multivariate testing
  • Test control